Three Spokane Salvation Army on-campus programs play a key in re-uniting a mother and son
April 9, 2020
Life-Changing Programs @ Spokane Salvation Army Prove To Be Just That!
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A small ‘everyday event’ is a reminder of why Evangeline’s House is Here
February 29, 2020
On a recent snowy morning, Jason, age 15, walked into Evangeline’s House with his head slightly down and a look of despair on his face.
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Salvation Army Food Bank is a Safe Haven for Abused Mother
February 13, 2020
Spokane Salvation Army helps mother who has lived a roller coaster life
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Unstable employment/debt bring young family to Spokane Salvation Army’s Shelter and Food Bank
December 27, 2019
Parents learn budgeting and how to save, which means a brighter future
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