Three Spokane Salvation Army on-campus programs play a key in re-uniting a mother and son

Apr 9, 2020

Ebony tried to make her family and marriage work. However, her husband, of whom she had two sons with, was stuck in a world of drugs, which led to domestic violence in the home. 

After a neighbor made an anonymous call, the youngest son, age 6, was taken by Child Protective Services (CPS) and placed in The Salvation Army of Spokane’s Sally's House, the only emergency foster care placement program in Spokane County for children, ages 2-12

In no time at all, Ebony got the courage to leave.  She took her other son, a shy teenager, and found solace at The Salvation Army’s Family Emergency Safe Shelter, which was on the same campus as Sally’s House. 

While at the shelter, the mother was able to visit her 6 YO through a third on-campus Army program called the Nurturing/Visitation Center; a center designed to help repair and sustain the family unit through supervised visitations after a child has been removed from the parents by CPS or law enforcement.   

Ebony's time at the shelter saw her get into counseling, file for divorce, file for full custody of both boys, become employed and slowly regain her self-respect.  

After finding an apartment, staff at The Salvation Army’s Nurturing/Visitation Center helped the mother bond with her youngest child by driving the little boy to Ebony's new residence through supervised visits. Within a year, the mother and both children were reunited for good.

If not for the compassion and support of countless donors for the three Salvation Army programs mentioned in this story, Ebony’s story may have not had a happy ending.  Contributions to Sally’s House, the Nurturing/Visitation Center and/or Family Emergency Safe Shelter will continue to help future children and family in similar situation rebuild their lives. 

For more info, or to give a tax-deductible financial gift to one, please visit  Thank you!

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