Family Resource Center helps reunite son with mom

Mar 31, 2023

Bruce, who was mild on the spectrum scale, received his first car a few years ago and decided to take an adventure from his home in Utah. With no particular destination in mind, he came to Spokane and then experienced car trouble.  Unable to pay for the repair, and not wanting to burden his mother who recently retired, Bruce became homeless.  For a year, he was stranded.  After Bruce contacted The Salvation Army Family Resource Center, a staff member learned that Bruce’s mother wanted him to come home.  A trip home on a Greyhound bus was arranged, leaving Bruce in tears.  Before leaving with his ticket in hand, Bruce received a care package from The Salvation Army Food Bank with sandwiches, chips, and drinks for the ride home. With the biggest smile on his face, Bruce gave hugs and handshakes to all the staff, and thanked everyone for helping him reunite with his mother.   

Without generous donors, the Family Resource Center, which includes the Food Bank, would be difficult to operate. Please consider giving a monetary donation to the Family Resource Center to help others facing a challenging time in their lives. In helping other individuals or families in this manner, consider it a hand-up, not a hand-out. For more information, or to give a tax-deductible financial gift, please visit  INFO: 509-325-6810.

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