Unstable employment/debt bring young family to Spokane Salvation Army’s Shelter and Food Bank

Dec 28, 2019

Prior debts and the lack of steady employment prevented a young family from settling down in their own apartment. 

No matter how much the parents - John and Sandra Maines - tried to make payments, a lack of permanent employment, coupled with high interest rates on their debts, made it difficult for them to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Soon, they lost their apartment.  

The stress of securing full time employment and finding new housing also took its toll on the Maines’ marriage and family, which included two daughters, ages 6 and 3.  

Upon arriving at The Salvation Army of Spokane’s Emergency Safe Shelter, a 12-unit facility to get families off the streets, the family was on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and was enrolled in Career Path for employment and training services. 

The young couple vowed to never give up!  All they needed was some help to get past this difficult time in their lives.  While seeking full time employment, classes at The Salvation Army taught the Maines couple how to budget, how to save money and how to enjoy their family life despite the current difficulties.  They also received food from the Army’s food bank, which helped the family save additional money.

Eventually, both John and Sandra found permanent employment and were able to pay off their debts, which allowed them to find housing so they could thrive and enjoy life.  Although, bad choices had led the Maines family down a destructive path, the couple’s determination to succeed on a budget brought them out of their situation with newfound hope for a brighter future.

The staff at The Salvation Army’s Emergency Safe Shelter are hopeful for John and Sandra, as they know this couple has the necessary tools to sustain outside of the Safe Shelter.

Thanks to supportive donors, The Salvation Army can provide this vital service for those like the Maines family.     

As we enter a new decade, please consider giving a monetary donation to the Emergency Safe Shelter.  For more info, or to give a tax-deductible financial gift, please visit www.makingspokanebetter.org. 

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