Tina receives Hope at Evangeline’s House

Jan 20, 2023

Being a teenager brings forth certain challenges, some of which don’t always reap positive results.  That’s where The Salvation Army’s Evangeline’s House in Spokane comes in.

Evangeline’s House is a short-term emergency care placement facility with six beds for young people, ages 12 through 20, who need to find their place in life. As CPS workers seek to find loving foster families for most of these young people, staff at Evangeline’s House provide support, counseling, and compassion to its guests so they can navigate through life more efficiently. 

Recently, Tina, a young teen girl who was struggling and had already been placed in two foster homes in just 41 days, was sent to Evangeline’s House.

After just a short time at Evangeline’s, Tina exclaimed “I really like it here.”  What Tina liked was how she was treated by staff and made to feel like family.

During her short stay, Tina celebrated her 14th birthday. Wishing to show how she was valued, the Evangeline’s staff threw her a birthday party.  

Surprised, but excited, by this attention, Tina said, “I got a body pillow, a tablet, a blanket, fuzzy socks, perfumes, and lotions. They even got me a cake. They are so sweet. I like Evangeline’s!”

Combined with the birthday party, Tina felt the staff’s love for her through its guidance, which began with her feeling safe in a comfortable environment. Tina liked having her own room, as it included a desk, a lamp, a couch, a nice fuzzy carpet, a comfortable bunk bed, private bathroom, and no roommates.  Tina likened her accommodation to that of a hotel. 

She also thought the snacks were “cool,” saying that “we get hot chips, fruit roll ups, fruit snacks, pizza rolls, goldfish, mozzarella sticks, popcorn, trail mix, cheez-it, and even breakfast sandwiches.”

Between the support of the Evangeline’s staff and outside counseling, Tina’s initial frown and anger turned into a smile and hope for a brighter future.

Upon leaving Evangeline’s House to a foster home, Tina thanked the staff for its love and making her feel important!

It’s real-life situations like this that prove that Evangeline’s House is a needed program in this community. 

Please consider helping more children like Tina with a financial gift to Evangeline’s House.  Visit www.makingspokanebetter.org, click on Donate To This Community, and note in the comment box that the donation is to be used for Evangeline’s House at The Salvation Army Spokane.

INFO: salvationarmyspokane@gmail.com or 509-325-6810.

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