The Salvation Army Spokane Food Bank Helps Belt Family When Needed Most

Jun 23, 2021

Need has NO season, as it can strike at any moment!

Take for example, Sean and Trudy Belt.  Sean was the assistant manager of a local movie theater, while Trudy homeschooled their two daughters, ages 8 and 6.  Like many, the Belt family lived on a budget.  When COVID-19 hit and the theaters closed, Sean was without a job. 

The young father had a small savings account and began receiving unemployment checks.  However, that only covered so much.  Sean and Trudy began worrying how they were going to keep a roof over their heads and afford groceries.  

Sean and Trudy reluctantly visited The Salvation Army‘s Family Resource Center in Spokane and explained their plight.  Our program manager could tell they were nervous about being there.  However, by the time the Belt couple left, they had more than 500 lbs. of perishable and non-perishable, thanks to an abundance of food donations, and learned that The Salvation Army could pay their utility bill, too.

For the next two months, the family of four received assistance from The Salvation Army, and never found themselves homeless. Sean finally found another job, but it didn’t pay as well as his assistant manager’s position at the local theater.  The Salvation Army continued to help with food, while Sean said he would use his earnings for rent and utilities.  Soon, the theater reopened, and the assistant manager had his job back. 

In looking back, Sean said, “At first, I was too proud to ask The Salvation Army for help.  However, the staff there was generous and told me that this was why the family resource center was there; to help in emergency situations like this.  I thank God for The Salvation Army!  My family and I weathered a tough time in our lives, but we made it!”        

Thanks to our wonderful donors, this situation may not have had a happy ending.  Stories like this are a team effort!  Please consider giving a monetary donation to the Food Bank to help other families get back on their feet.  For info, or to give a tax-deductible financial gift, please visit

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