Thanks to Donors, five vulnerable young people find joy at Evangeline's House

Jan 22, 2021

For many young people, Christmas is a time of celebration, gifts, family, food, and good memories. A time of remembering Christ’s birth. However, for others, this special day can be a time of hurt, sadness, disappointment, and separation.

Sadly, for five teenagers at The Salvation Army’s Evangeline’s House in Spokane, Christmas was recently spent away from family due to unfortunate situations in their lives.    

These are boys and girls who are separated from parents that may be struggling with drug addiction, involved in criminal activity or dealing with other battles they have not been able to overcome.  In some cases, this cycle of trauma continues with the children.

Staff at Evangeline’s House worked hard to bring some joy, hope, and cheer to these young lives by decorating the house, placing stockings on their doors, stringing homemade garland from the ceiling, and more.

On Christmas morning, the youth awoke to new gifts generously donated by local businesses, churches, and individuals from the community that the staff wrapped and placed under the tree the night before. The teens also received a fantastic pancake and bacon breakfast that was made by Major Ken and Jenni Perine, and their children.

“Was it their dream of a perfect Christmas? Probably not…and we understand that. However, it was a safe, warm, and caring “home” that, even if just for moment, reminded them that people do care,” said Mark Nottle, manager of Evangeline’s House.  “The smiles on their faces were all we needed. It was a Merry Christmas!”

Evangeline’s House, which is owned and operated by The Salvation Army of Spokane, is a short-term emergency placement center for youth, ages 12 through 20.

If you believe in the mission of Evangeline’s House, please consider giving a tax-deductible financial gift to help provide a hand-up to young people in need of a positive direction in their lives.  Visit, and click on ‘Donate To This Community.’  INFO: 509-325-6810.

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