Salvation Army Food Bank is a Safe Haven for Abused Mother

Feb 14, 2020

At one time, Susan was on top of the world.  She married her sweetheart, resided in a beautiful 6,400 sq. ft. home, became a mother, and managed restaurants while training chefs.  During that time, she even prepared food for such singer’s like Kid Rock, Trace Adkins and Sammy Hagar.   

Once, while catering a town hall meeting, Susan received a standing ovation from the Mayor of Spokane and guests for her wonderful meal.

However, as the years marched by, things went terribly wrong.  Problems began occurring in her marriage.  Instead of love, Susan felt fear with the man she once said “I do” to at St. John’s Cathedral. 

Conversations became heated disagreements and walking away from arguments became physical abuse at the hands of the husband.  Susan suffered a broken jaw, a fractured cheekbone and a ruptured ear drum.

Counseling wasn’t working and the fear of what the future would look like made it somewhat easier to file for divorce.  Susan still loved her husband, but she refused to be his punching bag. 

Realizing that the household income would change drastically, Susan moved into an apartment with her three children, and continued to be the best mom she could be while enjoying time with her children.

Susan recently retired.  She and her three children - ages 21, 15 and seven - still live under the same roof.  Unfortunately, though, the oldest child, who has a two-year-old daughter of her own, was laid off from work several months ago.    

This scenario, combined with Susan’s reduced income and the difficulties to pay the bills, saw the retiree turn to the Spokane Salvation Army’s Food Bank.  This is the first time Susan has needed help in her life, but the food bank has proven to be her safe haven.

Not only has the food brought nourishment to this family, while saving needed dollars for the rent and utilities but, on one occasion, Susan was able to share some food with a neighbor (mother with three small children) in an emergency until the neighbor could get to a food bank.

Despite needing food for her own family, God blessed Susan with enough food at that exact time to help a neighbor in need.  “I am so thankful,” she said. 

“She is such a lovely mom who cares for not just her kids but her neighbor kids,” said Cassandra Cram, community services program manager of the Spokane Salvation Army.

Susan’s family is doing better and thankful for this temporary assistance in order to move forward and not become homeless.

Without our generous donors, Susan’s plight may have taken a dark turn.  Please consider giving a monetary donation to the Food Bank to help other families keep their feet on the ground.  For info, or to give a tax-deductible financial gift, please visit

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