Never Give Up!

Sep 20, 2019

After losing her five children due to serious issues in the home, including mental illness, Claire decided to abduct the children during visitation and run.   

After a few days, law enforcement located the mother and children.  Claire was arrested, and the five children were placed in the care of The Salvation Army of Spokane.  The oldest boy, Christian, 16, was placed at Evangeline’s House – a short-term foster care program for youths between the ages of 12 through 20 - while his four younger siblings went to Sally’s House, the only emergency foster care program in Spokane County for children, ages 2-12.

Christian was very concerned about the well-being and care of his younger siblings.  As the staff of Evangeline’s House began to talk and know Christian, it was evident that with the challenges his mother faced in her own life, this young man had been the primary caregiver of his brothers and sisters for some time.

Having both The Salvation Army’s Evangeline’s House and Sally’s House on the same campus allowed Christian to visit, play and spend time with his siblings, including saying goodnight before they all went to bed.  This was a comfort for Christian and his siblings; helping to ease the anxiety of being somewhere new away from their mother.    

During this time, state and local officials had a lot to sort through.  State officials spoke with the family and cleared grandma to be the guardian of the five children while mom continues to work on getting healthy and stable.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel, as Claire and her children are close to being reunited and residing in a safe and nurturing home.

Thanks to passionate supporters, The Salvation Army of Spokane was there to help heal the wounds brought forth in a tough situation like this.     

Please consider giving a monetary donation to Evangeline’s House and Sally’s House to help our local children get back on the road to recovery.  

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