Homeless Mother & Daughter find Solace @ TSA Spokane’s Family Emergency Safe Shelter

Nov 30, 2020

For Trina and her young daughter, Danielle, they finally escaped domestic violence at home only to find themselves homeless. 

However, they soon found their way to The Salvation Army of Spokane’s Family Emergency Safe Shelter where they received a roof over their heads, a kitchen, beds, and a trained staff that worked with them and helped ensure they would be safe.    

Trina found a job and worked tirelessly so she could save money for an apartment.  She also benefited from the financial classes at The Salvation Army, which helped in rebuilding her credit.  

Before long, Trina saved enough money to find a nice two-bedroom apartment for her and Danielle. 

With the help of The Salvation Army, this mother and daughter began to live again; enjoying time at the place they now called home.  No more fear, anxiety, or bruises.  Just love and a brighter future.

Last year, The Salvation Army of Spokane provided close to 11,000 safe shelter nights to homeless adults and children in Spokane.  The Salvation Army also works to prevent homelessness by offering help with utility bills, food, and many other services.

To help support The Salvation Army of Spokane, you can make a tax-deductible donation by visiting www.makingspokanebetter.org and clicking on Donate to this Community

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