Hard Work Pays Off @ Stepping Stones Housing

Feb 28, 2023

Following four years of sobriety, but struggling with homelessness and full-time employment, Joe and Kathy moved into Stepping Stones in 2020. With them were their four-year-old son, as well as a 12-year-old son that the parents shared 50% custody. 

Due to the pandemic, the family focused on establishing a stable home and taking care of the boys.  While at Stepping Stones, the younger son was diagnosed with Autism and Joe and Kathy obtained Social Security for him.  With the help and support the parent’s received by The Salvation Army staff, the family moved out on their own by mid-2022 with Joe employed as a full-time security guard and Kathy working part time in the home health care. With the Social Security Disability assistance, the mother could work part time. 

The parents now have full custody of their second son, Kathy is pregnant, and they live in a beautiful two-story townhouse. This family is thankful that The Salvation Army was there for them!

Stepping Stones is a Transitional Housing program at The Salvation Army that serves families meeting the HUD standards of being at, or below, 30% to 50% of the area median income for Spokane County. Families may reside in this program for up to 24 months while they work toward finding affordable housing by increasing their income, paying off debt, and addressing issues that caused their homelessness.     

If you feel led to help families get back on their feet through the Stepping Stones program, please go to Donate To This Community and indicate 'For use at Stepping Stones in Spokane, WA. 

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