Sally’s House provides safety and stability for young brothers

Mar 16, 2021

To be on staff at Sally’s House in Spokane, one must be a strong, but compassionate, individual who has a heart for children. After all, the stories you hear on why boys and girls are brought to this emergency foster care placement program by CPS and law enforcement can be sad and/or horrific.

Recently, two brothers, Brad, age 4, and Devin, age 3, were brought back to Sally’s House by law enforcement after the parents had lost their apartment due to bad choices. This resulted in living on the streets again (in a tent or in a vehicle), which had been their ‘home’ for most of their young lives.

To make matters worse, their father had been physically abusing their mother in front of Brad and Devin, while their homeless neighbors were drug addicts.

Sadly, due to homelessness, mental illness, and domestic violence, Sally’s House, which is owned and operated by The Salvation Army, was the only stable housing these two boys had experienced in their young lives

During their latest stay at Sally’s House, the staff made the boys feel valued and loved through their words and interaction. On the first night, following a bedtime story, Brad, with a smile on his face, said “We get to sleep in a bed. Nice and warm.”

Having three daily meals was another thing Brad and Devin hadn’t experienced. At Sally’s House, not only did they receive three nutritious meals a day, but they also enjoyed snacks, playing with toys, and playing with other boys and girls.

Behind the scenes - not wanting to separate Brad and Devin - the boys’ social worker sought a loving foster home for them. While this was going on, the two boys enjoyed just being children by playing in the playground and inside Sally’s House.

While the brothers were at Sally’s House, Valentine’s Day was celebrated. And, like any other holiday, the staff at Sally’s House went above and beyond to make sure the children enjoyed themselves. The day included everything from heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast to a special Valentine's party with handmade decorations, candy, games, and cupcakes.

One day, as the staff continued to work with Brad and Devin, their social worker called to say that she had found a foster home for both boys! Following a week in their new home, the foster parents called Sally’s House and told the staff what a joy the brothers were and how much they enjoyed being their foster parents.

Sally’s House is the only emergency foster care placement program in Eastern Washington for children, ages 2-12, who have been abused, abandoned, neglected, or found in a home with criminal activity.

To help other children like Brad and Devin, please consider giving a tax-deductible financial gift to Sally’s House. For more info, or to donate, please visit, and click on 'Donate To This Community.'

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