Evangeline’s House in Spokane helps troubled teen with a fresh start

Dec 13, 2019

Earlier this year, Xavier, a 15-year-old boy returned to The Salvation Army of Spokane’s Evangeline’s House.  He’d been there the previous summer after his father was murdered in a gang dispute.

While at Evangeline’s House in 2018, Xavier experienced many feelings and emotions from his father’s tragic end.  He would often talk about wanting to return to his home state of Maine.  Sadly, at that time, his social worker couldn’t fulfill his request.  And, because Evangeline’s House is a short-term emergency foster case placement residence for youths, ages 12 through 20, Xavier was placed in a long-term residence while the state continued the lengthy process of working with another state, family and courts to get his move to Maine worked out.

Upon returning to Evangeline’s House, the staff let Xavier know that he was welcomed, and it was good to see him again. 

As the program manager, Mark Nottle, reviewed Xavier’s latest paper work, he was sad to read that the young teen had a busy, and not always positive, year filled with many placements.  The trauma of bouncing from placement to placement on top of dealing with the many “normal” challenges of being a teen had been difficult on him. 

Xavier’s time at Evangeline’s House also had its ups-and-downs.  However, the staff continued to show him respect, kindness and compassion.  Then, as the staff continued to work with Xavier during his latest stay, the BIG day finally arrived.  Word came that Xavier was going to return to the family he had once been placed with in Maine.  Both Xavier and The Salvation Army’s staff were elated with the news. 

During the past year of bouncing from home to home, Xavier truly began to appreciate what the family in Maine had tried to do to help him.  However, at that time, Xavier had been battling some of his own inner-demons because of his home life.  As a result, it had not been the best of situations.

Before leaving, the staff at Evangeline’s House and Xavier conversed about the young man’s future and how he was grateful to be given a second chance.   

When his social worker came to pick Xavier up for his flight, the staff at Evangeline’s House wished the young man well and told him he was always welcomed at Evangeline’s House, but it’d be okay if the next time he came by it was when he was age 18 and to just say hello.

It’s because of wonderful donors that Evangeline’s House is here to help teens like Xavier when they have nowhere else to go.  However, The Salvation Army of Spokane needs additional donors to help keep this house available 24/7, 365 days a year.   For more info, or to give a tax-deductible financial gift, please visit www.makingspokanebetter.org.

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