Brighter Days Ahead!

Sep 20, 2019

Kelsey finally got the nerve to escape hell on earth. She and her young son, Trevor, had been trapped in the cycle of domestic violence for 10 years.  Enough was enough! 

Though still fearful that the batterer may try to find them if they left, Kelsey knew she had to make a clean break for the sake of her and her son’s future.  

However, where would they go?  She had nothing.  Where would they be safe?

Kelsey and Trevor found their way to The Salvation Army’s Emergency Safe Shelter that featured 12 studio units in a friendly environment off the streets near downtown Spokane.  There, they had a roof over their heads, a kitchen, beds and a trained staff that helped ensure they wouldn’t be found. 

Kelsey worked tirelessly, day and night.  She received a promotion at work; allowing the single mother to save additional funds for an apartment.  Kelsey also managed to rebuild her credit.  

Twenty-one days, less than one month after arriving at the Emergency Safe Shelter, Kelsey located a cozy two-bedroom apartment for her and her son. 

It had been a 10-year nightmare, but with the help of The Salvation Army, Kelsey and her son finally woke up to a place called home.

The Salvation Army of Spokane THANKS it’s generous friends, as it takes a village to help change lives for the better.  And, because of individuals like you, The Salvation Army was able to help Kelsey and her son begin a new chapter in their lives.  

Please consider giving a monetary donation to the Emergency Safe Shelter to help other families gain a second chance at life.

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