A teachable moment shows young children how to help others

Jan 30, 2024

As the staff at Evangeline’s House was preparing for another day, a mother and her two young children paid a visit to this foster program with gifts in their hands.

The mother explained that she wanted to teach her son (8) and daughter (7), how to help others less fortunate than them. They looked online and researched the local non-profits and their specific programs. When they read about Evangeline’s House, they knew that was the place to donate.  

Upon their arrival, the family carried bags of new unopened snacks, canned food, and clothes. The children were smiling, knowing they were helping vulnerable children.

Angela Godley, program manager of Evangeline’s House, thanked the mother and her two children for their kindness of thinking about others.  Knowing this was a wonderful teaching moment for the son and daughter, Angela took time to talk about the program.

“I told her children what Evangeline’s House was and how we helped kids (ages 12 through 20) in the foster care programs when they have nowhere else to go,” she said. “I told them this is a 24/7, 365-day program and we try and take the kids out for different events and have fun with them just like it would be being in a family setting.”

The mother was impressed learning more about this vital program in Spokane and told her children ‘look at all the good you are doing by helping these youngsters.’

If you believe in the mission of Evangeline’s House, please consider giving a financial gift by visiting www.makingspokanebetter.org and clicking on the Donate to this Community tab. Please mention that your gift is for ‘use at Evangeline’s House Spokane.’

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