A Christmas for Alice

Dec 24, 2020

On Christmas Eve, a little girl was found in the backseat of a car.  Her father was unconscious in the front seat, with his head and shoulders slumped over the steering wheel.  Parked on a hill, the unheated vehicle was still in ‘Drive.’  With the temperature at 23 degrees, the child remained alert. 

At only five-years-old, Alice had already seen too much.  She had been born addicted and dependent on drugs.  When leaving the hospital after the latest incident,  Alice was placed in the care of strangers because it was safer than going home. 

Because her father was addicted to heroin since the age of 13, he had a long police record.  As hard as he tried, the father could never overcome this addiction.  Drugs cost him everything.  Alice was the seventh child of his to be removed and placed into state custody.  Only recently was the father been allowed to be her guardian. 

Law enforcement officers soon brought Alice to Sally’s House.  On her way there, police reported that she asked two questions: Would she get to sleep in a bed now, and was there a refrigerator full of food?  Alice was cold, hungry, and her thin clothes were filthy. 

Staff at Sally’s House welcomed Alice with open arms.  She was given a desperately needed bath, new pajamas, and a stuffed animal to cuddle. She received her very own bed, covered in warm blankets and a new pillow.  Alice was fed, and reassured everything would be okay, before listening to a bedtime story. 

While she slept, staff members at Sally’s House were notified that Alice had never had a real Christmas.  This would be the first year she would receive any Christmas presents.  Staff members immediately flew into action, finding Christmas pajamas, a stocking, and an assortment of gifts for Alice. Staff wrapped each gift with care, wanting each ribbon to add to the days wonder.  Bows were placed, and her name written, all while Alice slept. 

In the morning, things would be different.  The light would shine through the darkness, and it would be Christmas.  What a rewarding moment for staff members; being able to see a little girl’s surprised and joyful face as she unwrapped her very own presents. This is what Sally’s House is all about. 

If you believe in the purpose of Sally’s House and are able, please consider a tax-deductible financial gift so that children like Alice can receive a new, positive start in life.  

For more info, or to donate, please click here.

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