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The Nurturing and Visitation Center Image

The Nurturing and Visitation Center

Restoring relationships between parents and children

The Nurturing and Visitation Center

The Nurturing and Visitation Center for Children and Families is a court-ordered visitation program that provides children and their parents transportation and visitation services so families can be reunified after the children have been placed in foster families by the court system; a place where family bonding begins in a healthy way.

A Nurturing and Visitation Success Story

Ebony tried to make her family and marriage work.  However, her husband was trapped in a world of drugs, which led to domestic violence in the home.  Her youngest daughter, Cecelia, was removed from the home at age four by Child Protective Services.

CPS placed her with The Salvation Army's Sally's House.  Ebony, along with her teenage daughter, Michelle, soon left to find solace at The Salvation Army's Safe Shelter.  While there, Ebony was able to visit Cecelia at The Nurturing and Visitation center.  The center helped maintain the bond between Ebony and Cecelia while making sure both were emotionally healthy.  

During her time on our campus, Ebony got into counseling, ended the toxic relationship with her husband, found employment, and an apartment of her own.  The Nurturing and Visitation was there for her throughout her time of renewal and are so glad that within a year the mother and her children were all living under one roof.

Where Family Bonding Begins in a healthy Way

Where Family Bonding Begins in a healthy Way

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