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Sally's House & Evangeline’s House


Welcome to Sally’s House and Evangeline’s House!  We are honored that you have chosen to devote your time to volunteering with our kids and youth.  Sally’s House serves foster children, ages two to twelve, who are in need of emergency shelter due to abuse or neglect in their homes.  The children we serve come from a variety of situations and exhibit a wide range of behavioral and emotional issues. 

Evangeline’s House Volunteers work in Evangeline’s House with Program Operations Specialists and provide temporary shelter, care, compassion, meals, and supervision for up to six Washington State Foster Care youth (12-17 years) and emerging adults (18-20 years) in emergency placement situations for a maximum of 30 days while awaiting placement. Volunteers receive their direction from the Lead Program Operations Specialists and Program Management as well as Program Operations Specialists

There are a few things we need you to remember while you are volunteering with our kids:

General Volunteer Requirements:

All volunteers who work with children must complete the steps for General Volunteer Preliminary requirements, plus the preliminary requirements for working with children, and additional steps specific to our foster care houses:

  1. General Requirements
  • Attend a Salvation Army Spokane Orientation
  • Complete initial “Volunteer Welcome Page” with the following information:
  1. Volunteer Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Email Address
  4. Program Preference (if any)
  5. Desire to work with children
  6. Reason for volunteering (General Service, Court Ordered Community service, D.O.C. community service, school required community service, Group event)
  • Complete Volunteer emergency contact page
  • Receive email from our Divisional Headquarters (DHQ) regarding background check
  • Click on the background check link and follow the instructions to complete the fillable PDF.
  • Be sure to click on submit when you’re done.
  • The Background check is reviewed.  If there is a criminal history that needs to be investigated our review board at Divisional Headquarters will decide whether the criminal history disqualifies you from serving.
  • Volunteers are then sent electronic document to sign electronically.  These documents include:
  1. Code of Ethics for Working with minors
  2. Policies and Code of Conduct for Social Media Use
  • The Volunteer Coordinator receives an email and counter-signs these documents electronically.
  • Volunteer receives an email from Volunteer Coordinator with link to “Online ‘Protect the Mission’ training.”
  1. Here is the Link:
  2. Create a login by following the Armutus Self-Enrollment instructions
  3. Complete the online training modules: “Know Your Policies,” “Social Media Safety” and “Meet Sam”
  1. Preliminary Requirements for working with Children
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Provide two references – one professional, one personal – these people will be called for a telephone interview
  • Schedule and complete a Child Safety interview with Program Staff or The Volunteer coordinator
  • Complete Child Safety Interview with a staff member
  • Complete a Volunteer Statement for Work with Children
  • Complete in-person training


  1. Sally’s House & Evangeline’s House Special requirements
  • Complete a Washington State Department of Children, Youth, & Family (DCYF) Background Check
  • Obtain a negative Tuberculosis scratch test
  • Complete a Blood Born Pathogens class linked here:
  • Receive a Certified CPR Card – The Salvation Army provides a monthly class at no cost
  • Have a food handler’s permit – Spokane Regional Health offers options at this link
  • Take Right Response training and additional training for each house
  • Complete 24 hours of additional training each year for the house
  1. Sally’s House and Evangeline’s House Physical Requirements and necessary basic skill sets
  • Sit, walk, stand, bend, squat, climb, kneel, and twist on an intermittent or continuous basis
  • Grasp, push, pull, objects such as files, file cabinet drawers, carts, doors, and reach overhead
  • Operate a telephone
  • Operate a desktop computer
  • Understand written information
  • Ability to lift/carry up to 50 lbs.

Child & Youth Safety: 

All volunteers working with minors, both children and youths, must complete the “Protect the Mission” training.

The Salvation Army Child Safety policy requires that no adult ever be alone with a child.  Additionally, volunteers working with children are mandated reporters – if you see or suspect abuse or inappropriate behavior volunteers are required to report to appropriate staff or public entities.


Sally’s House uses a counting/time out system called 1-2-3 magic with our kids.  Please ask the staff how to use the system when you are here so that you can be consistent with our program goals.  The children also earn beads for appropriate behaviors and can spend their beads at a store each night.  If you are unsure of how to deal with any behaviors, please ask a staff member before attempting to handle the issue.

Evangeline’s House uses a positive reinforcement system with the youths we serve.  Good behavior is rewarded with privileges and access to recreational items and outings.  De-escalation techniques are utilized in the event a resident displays anti-social behavior.


Any information regarding the children (including their names) at Sally’s House, or the youths at Evangeline’s House,  is strictly confidential.  You may not share information about the children outside of our facility.

Dress Code:

You should dress comfortably when volunteering at Sally’s House and Evangeline’s House as you are going to be playing with children and working with youths.  We ask that our volunteers wear clothing appropriate for work with children.  Shirts must not be too low cut or too short (revealing clothing can be a trigger for some of our children and teens).  Clothing should be clean and free from tears, rips, or holes.  We highly recommend that you refrain from wearing earrings that dangle.  Clothing should not be see-through.  No sweats or spandex may be worn.

Volunteer Procedures when coming on site:

You may be asked to present ID when you arrive.
  1. When you arrive, please sign in on the volunteer log in the staff office.  You will need to sign out on the same sheet when you leave.
  2. Wear a volunteer badge while you are here and return it once you leave.
  3. Check in with the supervisor on duty and ask where they would like to have you.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need help with anything!  It’s a busy place, but we want to help make your time fulfilling.

We depend upon your schedule when you volunteer at Sally’s House and Evangeline’s House.  If you need to miss your volunteer time for any reason, please call us as much in advance as possible at 325-6826 for Sally’s House and 435-9026 for Evangeline’s House.



Volunteers at Sally’s House will be expected to perform the following duties:

  • Supervise children at play to ensure a safe and healthy environment
  • Aid children in completion of their homework
  • Disinfect and clean surfaces, including sweeping and mopping floors
  • Complete laundry
  • Fold clothes
  • Enforce “1-2-3 magic” discipline and positive reinforcement system
  • Help prepare meals (a food handler’s permit may be required)
  • Read stories, play games, and generally interact with children in an uplifting manner
  • Enforce Protect the Mission policies

Volunteers at Evangeline’s House will be expected to perform the following duties:

  • Work well within a team
  • Support supervision of youth in care  
  • Actively participate in the guests daily activities including, mealtimes, sports activities, learning activities, swimming, field trips & tutoring, etc.
  • Follow posted schedules unless directed otherwise by a supervisor
  • Model appropriate social and interpersonal behaviors for youth in care
  • Assist youth in identifying and meeting their physical needs
  • Follow and ensure compliance of all Child Safety policies and procedures
  • Properly implement behavior management (de-escalation)
  • Comply with youth disciplinary guidelines
  • Offer guidance to the youth as needed
  • Clean the facility when needed
  • Do laundry when needed
  • Serve food to the youth at mealtimes, as well as provide snacks throughout the day
  • Maintain facility security by ensuring windows and doors are locked; report any security concerns
  • Contribute to a positive morale in the program.



  • Be emotionally mature and stable in order to provide consistency, structure, and nurturing.
  • Capable of auditory and visual supervision; verbally and physically interact with minors and adults in care
  • Possess skills/abilities to successfully work with the challenging behaviors of youth in care
  • Effective communication and problem-solving skills
  • High personal standards of cleanliness and thoroughness

General Volunteer Documentation & Training Checklist

All volunteers, serving in all areas of TSA Spokane must complete following Documentation and Training steps

  • Attend The Salvation Army Spokane Volunteer Orientation
  • Volunteer Welcome Packet (includes Volunteer name, email & phone, Emergency contact information,  & Limited liability waiver)
  • Electronic Background Check – Sent by Sterling Inc.
  • Execute (sign) The Salvation Army Code of Ethics for Working With Minors – sent electronically from TSA DHQ – executed electronically
  • Execute (sign) The Salvation Army Policies and Code of Conduct for Social Media Use - sent electronically from TSA DHQ – executed electronically
  • Complete the “Know Your Policies” online Armatus training module
  • Send completed certificate for Training modules to Volunteer Coordinator via email.
  • Complete “Policy Refreshment” training every 2 years


Additional Sally’s/Evangeline’s House

 Documentation & Training Checklist

All volunteers, serving in our foster care houses must complete following Documentation and Training steps

  • Complete and execute the Volunteer Statement for Work with Children
  • Complete DCYF Background check
  • Complete Child Safety Interview questions with The Salvation Army Staff
  • Provide Personal and Professional references
  • Salvation Army Staff completes reference interview 1
  • Salvation Army Staff completes reference interview 2
  • Complete the “Meet Sam” online Armatus training module
  • Complete the “Social Media” online Armatus training module
  • Send completed certificate for Training modules to Volunteer Coordinator via email.
  • Complete Tuberculosis test and send results to both houses and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Complete Protect the Mission in person training with The Salvation Army Staff
  • Complete Right Response Training
  • Be certified in CPR
  • Have a food handler’s permit
  • Complete Blood borne pathogen’s class
  • Trained in 1-2-3 magic  reward/redirect system by Sally’s House Staff
  • Complete 24 hours of additional training in various topics annually